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How it works?

A: Like air miles program but better

App site
1. Sign Up

In this first stage, we'll collect information such as your email address, social security number and cell phone number, ensuring that your device can provide us with geolocation "at all times" to generate ecomiles!

2. Routes

Then, by clicking on "Accumulate Ecomiles" you can send your non-polluting commute by walking, bike, metro, electric motorcycle and even ethanol vehicles by sharing your location via GPS.

3. Balance

With the routes you send, you can track the status of each approved, disapproved and under review route together with your ecomiles balance, what could be better?

4. Rewards

Yes, you can! With an accumulated balance, you can redeem benefits of greater interest according to your plan in the App, whether gift cards or even cashback in the account every month, cool right?

How do we validate our routes and redemptions?

A: with A.I!

We combine information from various algorithms such as speed, distance, duration and real-time geolocation to validate routes submitted on the platform.

Have you ever thought about getting paid for not polluting?

Digital wallet

Redeeming discounts is good, but redeeming cashback from companies that seek to reduce carbon emissions with sustainable mobility users is much better.

Subscribe now to Ecomiles' urban miles program from R$ 24.90/month